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The Hotdog Hustle

The Hotdog Hustle is a community based, pure meme, Hedera-minted NFT project.

The Hustle began on a day like any other.  That day, an assortment of NFT artists and collectors were fooling around on a discord, unprepared for what was in store.  Unexpectedly, one artist created a celebrity-hotdog art piece that was so

dangerously funny that nothing could contain it.  There was no escape.

Because of that weapons-grade hotdog art, that small group of innocent men and women was immediately and irrevocably captured by pure meme-magic, and, as if controlled by some extra-dimensional deity, they
lost their minds together, for hotdogs.

What has followed is a seemingly endless enthusiasm for hotdog jokes, hotdog gifs, hotdog art, and hotdog friendship, that has gone on for days, and weeks, and months, and that we now call:

The Hotdog Hustle



Are you tired of being a soggy wiener, unloved, floating in a sea of awful lukewarm hotdog water?


Are you ready to hustle?


Are you ready to send it?


Are you ready to hit it out of the ballpark, grab every topping life has to offer, and become a based Brat God, filling every bun and relishing every moment?


Yes! Yes you are! YES YOU ARE!


Can a hotdog NFT project change the world? You bet your buns it can.

Join in and become everything you ever wanted to be, and rich beyond your wildest dreams, in friendship.

Sold at super affordable prices, and made with more memetic magic than is even actually possible, you have to ask yourself, "How can anything be this awesome?!?.


The Gen 2 art is delicious, the discord is freshly cooked and full of fun, and the governing council are out of their minds.


Drop everything, DROP IT! 


...and join...

The Hotdog Hustle

Announcement Promo.gif

Gen 1 - SOLD OUT

The first generation of the Hotdog Hustle NFTs is 666 pieces strong. 

Each of the Gen 1 NFTs are 1 of 1 original art designed by the HDH lead artist: CAP.

This collection has completely sold out, and is now only available on secondary markets:


Gen 2 - November 23rd

Level Up!

Hotdog Hustle Generation 2 is a legend in the making.

Enough traits to make 3 billion 1 of 1 NFTs, compressed into a 2222 piece collection, and sprinkled on top, multiple types of unique 1-off easter egg art pieces.


Never has there been more art power and memetic magic in an NFT collection.

As a whole, this collection is the best art CAP has ever done, and its some of the best art the space has ever seen.  This collection will change your life, guaranteed.


Announcement Promo.gif

The Core


Calling to the the boundless joy of the inner-hotdog within each of us, the Gen 2 collection is about freedom, play, joy, exploration, and abandon. 

The core of the collection is the flawless leaping hotdog.  Yes, there are traits for days, but these are not helter-skelter traits for the sake of traits, these traits are on-target, carry the message, and each one hits.

The flawless leaping hotdog is beautiful, she is free, she is endless.



The Magic

The core is beautiful, but this is the Hotdog Hustle, so there's more.

Added to the core are a variety of deep-cut explorations of the core figure.  Each of these deep-cut "Easter Eggs" are completely unique, and they share no traits with any other figure.

As mint date approaches, more and more of these deep-cuts will be revealed, but many will only reveal themselves when they are minted. 


If you mint a deep-cut, consider yourself a legend.


The Mint

HDH Gen 2 will mint on Turtle Moon Launchpad, on November 23rd.

2222 Pieces will be on sale, for 222 Hbar each.


Whitelist Pre-Mint

There will be a whitelist-only mint on November 22nd.

HDH Gen 1 NFTs, and Gen 1 Special Edition NFTs will be the pre-mint's whitelist tokens.

Each Gen 1 or Special Edition that you hold in your mint wallet will allow you to mint two Gen 2 during the pre-mint.  If you have 4 Gen 1 NFTs, and 2 Special Edition NFTs, you will be able to mint 12 Gen 2s during pre-mint.


IN ADDITION!  The whitelist pre-mint price will be 10% less than the public mint.


You can still find Gen 1 NFTs and Special Editions on Zuse market:



Gen 1 NFTs on Zuse

Gen 1 Special Editions on Zuse

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