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Hotdog Manifesto

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

The Hotdog Hustle, A Love Letter To help all the new collectors who are entering the project wrap their heads around what’s going on in the HDH, I’ve decided to do something that the community and I don’t normally do: talk about what the project really is, and where it is headed, directly and plainly. If you spend a bit of time with this hotdog manifesto, you’ll have a Mustard’s Degree in the HDH, and you will begin to understand why the hotdog maxis are so committed to the project. Key Facts:

1. I did not plan to do a hotdog project, or a large project at all for that matter.

One day, an innocent 1 of 1 artist, I did some playful hotdog art for some collectors, and something really strange happened. Somehow that hotdog art set an entire group of project leaders and collectors on fire. For days, then weeks, and then months, this hotdog art meme held us captive; hotdog jokes, art, memes - all day, everyday. The simple joy of being together, creating, playing, joking and exploring ideas was so wonderful that we decided to form a Governing Council and a whole project around it. We did not choose hotdogs, hotdogs chose us.

2. I have never had a detailed plan. Over time, I have simply followed the community and my creative muse, as we meme, joke, share, and create together. At every turn I have chosen to do new things in new ways, to explore what’s possible in project structure and on Hedera.

The community and I have been discovering what the HDH is as we go, and exploring and innovating in every direction. This is not a metaverse play, this is not a gaming play, this is The Hotdog Hustle.

3. I have always drastically undercharged for the HDH NFTS and the HDH NFTs have outperformed. This is because I believe that every NFT that a project sells should provide enough value that the collector is instantly satisfied with the purchase. I price low because I want to make sure that when they buy an NFT, every collector feels like they got a steal, like they won. Because of this, all HDH holders have an “I’ve already won” perspective on their NFTs, and so the floor has always been strong.

4. Everything the community and I have done in the HDH has followed these core principles: action is better than doubt, giving is better than taking, fun is better than fear, free is the ideal price, and shared creativity is the best thing there is.

5. The entire project, including the art, the tech, the memes, the culture, the day to day, and the community are one enormous collaborative, 4d, meme and art piece.

Bro, what is a 4d art piece? I’m glad you asked.

Consider the Freebies:

The freebies are a token ID that anyone can associate and share. I drop 1000s of free NFTs. You may have seen them on Zuse and you may even have some. The Freebies are a 4d art piece.

Freebies are a novel technological use case, whereby I mass-drop free art into anyone and everyone’s wallets on a regular basis. I don’t ask for anything from them, they don’t have to buy anything from me, they don’t have to talk to me, or even know who I am. Collectors catch these NFTs unexpectedly, and on a regular basis they open their wallets and find a surprise smile, and if they want to sell them, they even get a little hbar in their pocket.

From this simple idea, we have developed many unique airdrop scripts and approaches. We’ve discovered that the Freebies have been a vehicle for us to collect and burn in new community, onboard new hbar NFT collectors, and, hilariously, the Freebies have turned Zuse into an almost free advertising platform for the project, which boosts the value of everyone’s HDH NFTs. We tried something different, and discovered that it’s beautiful and more powerful than we expected.

Against the backdrop of an NFT space full of rugs, extraction, paid influencers and bullshit, this fun and value is given away and shared freely and transparently - this makes a statement. The Freebies are our statement: action is better than doubt, giving is better than taking, fun is better than fear, free is the ideal price, and shared creativity is the best thing there is. The Freebies challenge the NFT space. It is beautiful, it is, as a whole, our 4d art piece unfolding in time and space that spreads our ethos into the world.

Like the Freebies, the Hotdog Hustle as a whole is a 4d art piece. It is an art piece that the community and I have been building together. It is an art piece that we share and live and which spreads our ethos into the world while expanding the boundaries of what is possible at the edge of discovery.

Some collectors understand this (and they are out of their minds for hotdogs) and some just don’t get it. I often get a DM from collectors or project leads, congratulating me on my cleverness in designing the Freebies, but suggesting that I dropped the ball by not assigning them royalties. When I get this type of feedback, I smile a knowing smile - we get it, they don’t.

The HDH, as a whole, is some of the best art in the space. This is what art looks like. You can join us in making this art. Any level of involvement in the HDH contributes to the power of the project, and I’m happy you decided to join.

Where is this going, what is the final form of the 4d art?

  • Imagine a project that airdrops some of the best 1 of 1 art in the space from some of the best artists in the space, over time, totally free of charge.

  • Imagine a project that rewards all of the value that a community member can bring, and doesn't forget the value you've contributed in the past.

  • Imagine a project that is the opposite of every rug you've had pulled, giving YOU the value, and only paying itself AFTER you win.

  • Imagine the principles of the HDH taken to their full extent, expanding the very idea of what an NFT project can be, opening new possibilities for art and community through the power of the hashgraph, and finding new ways to build and distribute value.

I'm imagining it too, developing the concepts, writing the blueprints, and building the tools, the skills, and the relationships necessary to bring these visions to reality.

My long term aim with the HDH is to transform it into a massive, free, and ridiculous NFT juggernaught. I aim to make the HDH an NFT project that every collector in the space can participate in free of charge, and without having to spend any more time or effort than they'd like, which puts a smile on collectors faces on a weekly basis, which provides a long-term platform to onboard new collectors, which boosts the reach of established and new artists, and which provides the highest possible return to participants.

The mass airdrop and minting tools we've developed, and the Freebies program itself, are prototypes which lead the way towards a project that is centered around a maximum-value, free, episodic NFT collection. The goal is to create an NFT project that airdrops the entirety of its collection over time, for free, and that anyone who is associated has a chance of catching.

This free collection and its episodic nature will allow us to build an ecosystem of value which revolves around increasing a collector's chances of catching the max-value free NFTs, and rewarding them with access to special tiers or events. How would we do this? With more NFTs, how else? With community rewards taking the form of NFTs that increase someone's chances of catching these max-value airdrops, we can permanently reward collectors and community members for their contributions, and that value can be transferred at any time.

Everything the HDH has done or will do will be folded into this vision, such that no NFT and no tech is left behind. Everything we have done or will do will Voltron together into this final form. It is just a matter of time and value built (again, time).

This ecosystem of value can extend well beyond the HDH walls, such that participating projects outside of the HDH can reward their collectors with HDH value, boosting their project's value, their collector's satisfaction, and the value of the HDH, simultaneously, and all at essentially no cost. In the same way, the HDH can push value past its walls into other NFT ecosystems, simply because the HDH community likes what that other NFT community is doing.

If we can bring the HDH to this final form, everyone in the space gets a win, all boats rise, and the principles of the HDH can help set all of us free, together.

Am I a dreamer? Yes

Have I developed a prototype and proven that it works and creates value? I have.

Can we build this? I believe that we can.

While the path that HDH takes to reach our goals may be flexible, and we will discover many unexpected stops along the way, the project's principles will guide us to the promised land.

Find the path with me, I can't do it without the help of the community.

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